100 Hands-Free Dog Leash Reviews

100 Hands-Free Dog Leash Reviews

If you haven't read all 100 of our reviews, no problem. We've summarized them here in one sweet little sonnet. 

This Hands-Free Leash:  Sonnet #100
This hands-free leash has saved my back,
My shoulder's in its socket.
It's cooled the jets of my rocket
Dog, whose lunges now contract.

This hands-free leash has rocked my world,
Improved my runs and fixed my form.
My Lab no longer breaks my arm
When spotting geese and chasing squirrels.

This hands-free leash is super strong,
With knots and handles placed just right.
I adjust the length from short to long
And run my Vizsla day and night.

This lousy leash my Coonhound swallowed, 
A one-star rating, therefore, followed.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to write a review.  Your feedback means the world to us.

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