Run with Your Dog at Threshold Pace

We often talk to people about running with our dog but after looking at the race results from last year’s Hounds and Harrier’s Run in South Orange, NJ, we’re thinking of changing our story. Last year Eric Morse and his West Highland Terrier placed first in the men’s event running this 3-mile race at a 5:35 per mile pace. The winners of the Women’s event, Tara Gangi and her Rat Terrier Jesse ran it at a 6:29 pace. Glenn Hartrick, who made the cover of Runner’s World in December of 2012, ran it at a 6:27 pace while carrying his lab the last quarter mile of the race. These folks don’t just run, they fly and they do it all for a good cause.

Since the race’s inception in 1997, the Rose City Runner’s Club has raised over $150,000 for dog-related charities. This year the club is raising money not only to help dogs in need but also to support the recovery efforts of two-time event winner, Glenn Hartrick. Glenn suffered a spinal cord injury early this summer when hit by a car on an early morning bike ride. According to an article in Runner’s World, Glenn doesn’t plan to let his injuries slow him down but he has a lot of work ahead of him in his recovery. It sounds like his friends at the Rose City Runner’s Club will be with him every step of the way.

Iron Doggy™ is honored to be able to support this awesome event. If you're in the South Orange area on October 11th you might consider signing up for the 18th Annual Hounds and Harrier's Run, and if that’s not an option then think about contributing directly to the Home for Good Dog Rescue, the Eleventh Hour Rescue, the National Canine Cancer Fund, or Glenn’s Road to Recovery.  It may not impact your lactate threshold but it might just brighten someone else's day.


Photo Larry Gindoff 2013

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