Wall Street Journal Throws Iron Doggy™ a Bone

Iron Doggy in Wall Street Journal

It's not every day that our name winds up on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, but on November 9th, 2015 that's exactly what happened. We'd been interviewed for an article about the crazy lengths that people go to in order to get their dogs to exercise. Right there with the doggie boot camps, yoga classes, paddleboarding, and obstacle courses is a blurb about Iron Doggy™ hands-free running leashes.

If that wasn't enough to make our day, the article also confirmed something we think is fantastic news - races that allow people to compete with their dogs have grown 24% this year from 2013. While a large majority are relatively short distances, many of the events are super competitive and an increasing number are 10k and half-marathon distances. If you're looking to get out to an organized run with your dog, check out the Iron Doggy™ race page.



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