Beautiful Doggy Kisses Toad

…. and lives to tell the story.


This was a stressful way to learn that lots of toads release a venom that can cause a dog to foam at the mouth (in the best case) or die (in the worst case).   A lot depends on the type of toad, the size of the dog, the amount of venom the dog ingests, and how quickly you can take action to remedy the situation.  

In our case Zola touched the toad with her mouth and immediately drew back from the toad.   Within seconds she was foaming at the mouth.   It took us about 15 minutes to get back to the house.  So by the time we called the vet and Googled “dog toad“, Zola was already back to normal. 

We will be much more careful about toads in the future, it turns out that if it doesn’t kill the dog, sucking face with a toad can be habit forming.

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