WBCR to the Rescue

Here’s an impressive stat for you – Since 2003, the Western Border Collie Rescue (WBCR) has rescued, rehabilitated and rehoused more that 600 Border Collies in Wyoming, Colorado and the immediate surrounding states.   What’s even more impressive about this non-profit organization is that they have done all of this good work purely through the efforts of its volunteers.   WBCR is out there educating the public on the characteristics and needs of this fantastic breed, and at the same time taking in Border Collies who have been abandoned, neglected or are no longer able to remain in their homes.   These are the very folks who rescued our amazing Zola when she was just 12 weeks old.    WBCR and Zola have rocked our world.

For the next three months, irondoggy.com is extremely pleased to be donating 10% of our profits to this fantastic organization.    If you’ve already bought yourself a leash, you probably have a enough change in your pocket to make a donation.    Check them out - www.wbcrescue.org

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