Go the Distance with Your Dog

We are beside ourselves with excitement to see yet another dog-friendly half marathon taking place this season. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of Angie Weiss and her dog Ghost, you have one more opportunity to put your distance skills to the test. Angie contacted us last month to give us the good news. After searching far and wide to find a distance race that she could run with Ghost, a task made far easier by looking at the Iron Doggy Race Page, Angie threw up her hands and decided to organize one herself.

The Mad City Canicross Tails n Trails Half Marathon takes place October 16, 2016 at Blue Mound State Park, WI. This means a whole host of good things for all of you folks out in the Madison - Dubuque region: 1) You can run an honest to goodness half marathon with your dog (or a 10K or a 5K, if that's more your cup of tea), 2) you can do it this weekend, 3) you can win yourself one of your very own, highly acclaimed, Runner's Choice or SideKick hands-free dog leashes, and 4) you can do all this while supporting the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine and OccuPaws Guide Dog Association.

We are super impressed by the hard work and dedication it took to make this event a reality, so we are pleased to designate the Tails 'n Trails Half-Marathon as an Iron Doggy™ Selected Event. If you and your dog are in the neighborhood this weekend, please consider learning what this half-marathon is all about. While you're at it, give Angie and Ghost a high-five for making it happen.

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