The Furry Scurry

Bella from the Denver Dumb Friend's League

Yes, the Furry Scurry is a big deal in Denver. Attracting over 12,000 people and 5,000 dogs, this event raises a ton of money to support the good work of the Denver Dumb Friend's League. We hope we never miss an opportunity to support the DDFL because they are the folks who hooked us up with our first wild and beautiful pup. Our dog Bella was a runner, without her there would be no Iron Doggy.

The Furry Scurry will be in Denver's always sunny and hip Washington Park on May 6, 2017. Billed as a 2-mile "fun walk", we know that your dog is going to want to run this thing (Bella always did). Register in advance, or just show up that morning in a blur and register then. Either way, be sure to get there in time for the 9 AM start. Once you're finished, take a minute to swing by our booth. You'll want to snag a deal on some too-soft-to-be-real Vintage Crews, and we want to meet your Iron Doggy.


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