Selected Event 🐾

Iron Doggy™ is happy to support dog-friendly running communities all over the world. Selected events receive an Iron Doggy™ Original Hands-Free Leash (or leashes) and other goodies to give away at the event. We will also provide unique discount coupons (codes) to race event participants.

In normal times, we do our best to select at least one dog-friendly running event per quarter. In order to qualify, we humbly ask that you meet the following criteria:

  • Proceeds from your event are donated to a good cause
  • The event will need to have a 5K distance Fun Run (in some cases 2K) where dogs can run (or walk) with their human participant
  • The event should have a "modern" website and provide a link to Iron Doggy™ (we will, of course, gladly reciprocate)
  • Organizers of the event are able to share a photo or video of the race winners who receive an Iron Doggy™ Original Hands-Free Leash (or leashes). This way we can share your "pawsitively" good times with others  🙂

    If you are interested, please send us your event details here.
    Thank you! 

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