Runner's Choice Specs

Tough Enough to Tame the Beast 
  • Constructed from the highest quality, using only high-performance materials, our handcrafted hands-free leashes attach to the lightweight and streamlined Iron Doggy™ Belt. We use a unique and durable sliding swivel snap-hook. This allowsyour dog to effortlessly change directions from side to side in front of you, without you, or the belt, ever changing direction. The quick-release side buckle allows you to easily remove the belt with one hand, if required.  
  • With its heavy duty construction, this leash is designed to absorb the shock out of those unpredictable lunges, pulls, or abrupt changes in direction. We deliberately designed and built the Runner's Choice with a unique bungee system that has a minimum breaking strength of 215 pounds! That might sound excessive, but if you’ve ever been on the wrong end of a strong dog chasing a speeding squirrel you’ll appreciate every ounce of that strength.  
  • For times when a tug from the bungee isn't enough to redirect your pup, there’s a series of specially placed hold-knots and uniquely raised "control" handles you can quickly and easily grab to get your dog back on track. 
  • The Runner’s Choice has three unique settings. One is 54” in length, which is long enough to keep a safe distance between you and your dog when running. It also quickly adjusts to a shorter 46” and 30” length for trail running or when you want more control or need your pup to be close by your side.

The Solution For Multiple Pups

Want to run with two or more pups? No problem. Just add an Extra Iron Doggy Leash to your order and you easily can hit the ground running.

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