Latest Hands-Free Dog Leash Reviews

Iron DOggy recommended by Women's Running magazine
We’re pretty thrilled that the editors of Women’s Running just reviewed the Iron Doggy™ SideKick hands-free running leash in the gear section of their online magazine. This is the first professional review of the SideKick since it was launched, and we think that it’s well overdue. Back in 2012, Fitness Magazine reviewed the Runner’s Choice hands-free leash and since then it has received the lion’s share of attention from people coming to our store from dog running leash reviews. Neely Spence Gracey also mentioned using our SideKick leash in a section of Women's Running magazine about her running with her Viszla! 

If you’re in the market for a hands-free dog leash, it’s worth checking out what these magazines have to say about Iron Doggy™ running leashes. Fitness Magazine recommends the Runner’s Choice for bigger dogs because of it’s durability and strength. Women’s Running recommends the SideKick because of its thoughtful design. We like both of their recommendations because they echo the hundreds of reviews that our customers have written on our SideKick and Runner’s Choice product pages. 

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