We’re Donating to Freedom Service Dogs

There is nothing not to love about Freedom Service Dogs.     This non-profit does everything right – they rescue unwanted and abandoned dogs, match the dogs with folks who have a permanent disabilities, then custom train the dogs to do everything from turning on lights to providing balance to assist with transferring to and from a wheelchair.   No surprise, they only use positive training techniques and for the dogs that don’t make it through their rigorous program, they find good adoptive homes for them. While the training costs Freedom Service Dogs a whopping $20 – $25K per dog, they do all of this at no cost to their clients.

We are very excited to be donating 10% of our profits to this awesome organization from April through June.    If you think you might take up running with your dog, consider helping out by getting yourself one of our leashes.    If you are more inclined to watch your dog run around the living room, think about donating to them directly.


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